Friday, March 27, 2015

Clearing the Air

After a few days of tension and a build-up of unsaid things, we have cleared the air, oh how I love how he soothes my body after stress. I have not said the most polite things to him during this time of tension (believe me he evened the score using the flesh of my bottom). I was irrational, rude, and a downright brat. I push him to his limits, I pointed out flaws, and I ignored his attempts to calm my mood (all in one day). But, yesterday all was forgiven after hours of talking. He forgives me, but I am still angry at myself for letting myself go that far.

When Jim and I started ttwd I would see times of arguments as a failure of submission on my part and would become saturated in a self imposed guilt. Flash forward to now and I see things a little differently. Arguments are never a "Good" thing but, they do serve a purpose. They test the relationship, they create opportunities, they even can pry toxic thoughts out of our minds and lay them on the table for us to tend.

If handled properly by the HOH, it lets the submissive bare her soul to her mate. Oh yes, we all know that we will not get away with our behavior. That punishment will happen, and the flesh of our bottoms will feel the disappointment of our hoh, but in this environment we know we are safe. We are safe from harm, and from our own demons when our hoh is strong in his leadership.

Ttwd does not come with an instruction booklet, it is not perfect, feelings often get in the way. But, there is so much reward in this lifestyle. Society may have other opinions about our lifestyles, but we are the one's living them and it is our choice. It is our choice to say we don't like how things our between husbands and wives most modern marriages. It is our choice to be led by the person we promised our faithful love to. It is our choice to strengthen our marriages by bringing a little kink and play to the bedroom (okay maybe a lot of kink and play).

I remember when Jim and I started ttwd. I would read everything I could about Dd. Problems would come up and I would look to see how others dealt with their mistakes and thoughts. More often than not, I came up empty handed, until I found the world of bloggers.

I do not regret the frustration of trying to find the answers and coming up with nothing. Nor do I see the point in spreading the word about ttwd to everyone. Instead, I see our corner of the internet as welcoming to those that need guidance or have questions. In time, wives and husbands will find this part of blog land IF they stick with it and seek out the answers to their desires, needs, and urges to be in a DD type relationship.

Side note: I will be posting an upcoming post about the more intimate portion of setting things straight in my home. So if you have time, check back and sit for a spell and enjoy the personal side of ttwd.


  1. Kathy,
    You leave us hanging. I will stay tuned.

  2. Meredith,
    The tease always makes it so much better!