Friday, March 20, 2015

The First Dd Spanking

It has been gently brought to my attention that I have not written too much about the spankings and punishments I receive from Jim. At first, I got lost reading all about some of your experiences and forgot to write about my spankings. And then, I started getting nervous about how it would be received (like I have stated before I am my own worst enemy).

Jim and I have always been into kink (as some call it). Spanking in bed was always welcome and thoroughly enjoyed. It is how I learned I am one that has a very high pain/pleasure tolerance (believe me it is a blessing). We even enjoyed some role-play (a personal favorite). But, I was not to happy with the 'Just during bedtime' aspect. I wanted it all of the time.

Then Dd entered our lives. So in response to Meredith and Stormy I will describe the first spanking I received after starting ttwd (not the kinkiest I have had, though).

I had a bad attitude on this particular day. I was bitchy and dominating. I had also forgot that Dd was now implemented, not my smartest moment. So on a triad about how he never listens too me and I always have to bare the weight on my shoulders of our problems. And then I looked up, Jim had an look than made my heart drop to my stomach. He grabbed me by the arm and said "THAT is enough, you are not going to do this", I had a split second thought thinking I would fight it, but then I steeled myself and faced the fact that I asked for THIS.

So, I followed him into the bedroom where he pointed me to the bed and said "Strip." I proceeded to remove my clothing and lay across the bed. He walked to the side of the bed and grabbed the hairbrush.

He stood there holding the brush and lecturing me,"you have been a bad girl and you know what happens to bad girls, don't you?" I laid there on my stomach in the middle of the bed scared, excited, and honestly a bit turned on (okay maybe a lot).

Lost in the moment I here him say "Answer me! WHACK! My breath knocked out of me as the very first blow hit. The sting was intense and I had a mix of emotions. One part of me wanted to beg for him not to do it again, and the other part wanted to raise my ass to the blow and meet it like a greedy good girl.

I panted out a response of "yes" was all I managed.

"yes, what?" WHACK.

"Yes, I know what happens to bad girls." Part of me is questioning why I am turned on and why I am wanting my husband to do this, and the other is waving her freak flag and grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

I am then given 8 more smacks with the hair brush to complete my punishment. Once I catch my breath I sneak and look over at Jim and see that the punishment has caused some unexpected pleasure which of course leads to some very fun aftercare and play.

While my punishment does not always lead to erotic love making it does happen in my life even if I do not intend it to happen. I really do try to keep play and punishment apart, but my brain is not going along with this separation as I would like. I can be bitchy and angry and be deserving of a harsh punishment, but when that blow slaps my flesh I become a calm creature willing to do anything to please Jim.

I know some people are able to keep the punishment and play separate I however, tend to allow it to cross over a bit. I have some exceptions though like when it is a really bad thing I have done like saying FUCK YOU in anger to Jim (yes, I stupidly have done that).

So this is me, I am a traditional type wife living ttwd that can be completely turned on by my husbands and my lifestyle.


  1. Kathy,
    That was brave ........... really sharing a first spanking is a big step. How I hate the big hair brush that adorns the dresser top.

    1. Meredith,

      I dislike the brush. It does the job of deterring the poor behavior, now. It is now one we use only for discipline. I have a weird thing about not liking my play implements used for punishment.


  2. I enjoyed this, because it just shows how people do interpret spankings, punishment/pleasure differently.

    There is no 'this is how one should react' because we are all different

    For us for example a punishment, although it arouses me, and i react down below, every other part of me detests it, and i dont want it again...but yet if he does the same thing to me because he wants to for his pleasure, i enjoy it!

    i think perhaps it is the mindset im in at the time that makes the difference, ie..if its done as punishment its because he is disappointed with me, so naturally im not feeling good, whereas other times its 'happy time'..ok im rambling lol

    1. Tori,

      I agree. My state of mind changes how I receive the spanking. But, I will say watching Jim get that hohiness (that should be a word), on that first day was what made it so enjoyable.

      If there is even a hint that I have disappointed Jim, I react with genuine shame and regret, which makes the strike on my bottom so much worse.


  3. Hey Kathy,

    Well done! It IS hard to write about our own spankings - but we are all encouraged by one another, so we need to.

    I think Dd/ttwd is really all about our head space - our submission, our respect for our husbands and making our marriages something truly outstanding. I'm almost always turned on by my husband spanking me - part of it is the spanking, part of it is him. I'm definitely in a better frame of mind when I'm spanked frequently - more tender, more loving, more receptive - so however it works, it works.

    I'm glad that you and Jim have found what works for you - and that you have joined us here.


    1. Cali,

      I used to only get spanked when I sassed or got rude with him. But, then we both noticed that when spanking (play or discipline), is skipped for too long, I slip back into my old ways. So, I usually end up spanked 4-5 days a week.

      While, I am unsure how often the average spanking occurs for others, it is frequent for me (by choice). That is how I KNOW that our frame of mind matters not only for how well we receive spankings, but for our everyday behavior.

      Constant reminders of ttwd is needed for my compliance to let go of the stress and upset that leads to my poor behavior.


  4. Kathy,
    Great post. Thank you for sharing. It's helpful for me to hear different viewpoints and experiences. Everyone is so different in how they view ttwd.

    In response to what you said to Cali, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who needs spanked often! After a week of Gabe going out of town and another week of me being sick, I feel like I have to start all over with submission. I went way too long without a spanking and now I have to pay the price! Gabe told me he recognizes I need spanked more often!

    Thanks for sharing that because now I don't feel like I'm the only one!


  5. Megan,

    That is it what is so great about the little corner of blog land. We see that we are not alone in what we do and what we need. I am glad you are beginning to let the natural flow of ttwd take its course.

    It is always nice to feel as though we are not alone,