Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Trying to Relate

Expression of my personality is very important to me. I feel the need to saturate myself within things that say the words I myself cannot express, as clearly. This has led me to discover new bands to listen to (well new to me), along with genre's of books. Once I even changed my ringtone to something a little DD. However, it raised a few brows and I quickly changed it.

I think I worry too much about what people think, yet I have far too many times I don't care (there is that dang contradiction). I have an easier time evaluating other people, than I do myself. I seem to be a grab bag of likes, dislikes, and even (it seems) personalities.

I joined a few BDSM groups on Facebook and quickly left them as it seemed to be more of a place to "hook-up" rather, than to nurture a stable alternative relationship.  

The look I made when I saw those groups

Even though, what has been seen cannot be unseen, I am glad it did not make me walk away from TTWD. I learned how to discern between DD and people VERY confused pretending to be an authority on the subject of DD and BDSM (there is no such thing, I have discovered). There is instead a large group of people like me safely tucked away within the confines of blogs and some websites. 

I am thankful for TTWD as it has let me feel that I do not have to "fit in" to be happy. Instead, I can be me. I can express all the various and confusing contradictory sides of myself to the world. Because, the truth is no one cares or, notices except those following the relationship path I am.


  1. When I began blogging, I found the firends I made behind the blog by far more helpful and loving than what the blog did for me. My email is on my blog and I invite you to email so we can get acquainted behind the blog. We always feel safer. there.

  2. Meredith,

    Thank you for guiding and helping me behind the blog. I did not expect to find such a helpful friend.