Monday, April 20, 2015

A Dirty Mind Goes...

A dirty mind goes a long way in ttwd. At least it does in my home. I can see an implement as something that strikes fear in me, or as something that can bring pleasure to my body. It a source of constant entertainment when shopping at the mall or a department store. Jim loves to wander the aisles of a large home and garden center. He always goes straight for the oak dowels, boards, and even some hardware. He does this because he is a talented craftsman, (yes, I just fluffed his ego for him).

I on the other hand love getting lost in the rope and chain aisle, (what can I say here). I love that there are so many types of ropes. Some that express a gentleness and for the novice. Some that challenge our comfort levels, and some that mean business! I like them all. And while I watch Jim pick up a mean looking board/slat there is a part of me that cringes and one that becomes aroused. I know that the pain I may feel later may be more than I believe I can handle, but that I will relish it before and after (sometimes during). I still hate the oak dowel rod with its slim and direct caning effect, but I also love it, (I am just wired that way).

A simple thing such as going to dinner and being around others can be entertaining as well. Jim likes communicating with me using just his eyes, he can also turn me on using just those eyes. He knows this and uses it to the hilt. He enjoys watching me squirm and become embarrassed. I love the hearty laughter that escapes him during this kind of play. I am careful not to order anything that comes with a cherry on top, as I know he loves to tease me about it and make suggestive remarks. His dirty mind is my trigger for relaxation, when he becomes playful, I let go of stress and tension.

A few times, my dirty mind has gotten me in trouble, like when someone says something that can be dirty, and they don't 'get it'. I always feel sorry for people that are lacking in a dirty sense of humor. Seems like a waste of a good laugh to miss and opportunity to spin something dirty on the mundane.

I once read about a study that said those with a dirty mind is a sign of a sharp mind, (one can only hope). Whether that study is correct or not, I find the need to joke around essential to my survival in a world gone crazy.

Here is the study, if you are interested: Sexual Thoughts and the Mind

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