Monday, May 25, 2015

Re-testing Limits

I was recently asked what 5 kinky things I am willing to try. Well, that answer is difficult because there is not too much I haven't tried with my husband. During a discussion with Jim I decided to ask him the question posed to me. He was at a loss, I thought.

The conversation we had eventually led to some heavy petting and a week of 8-15 hours of my day every day demanded to be his (when your husband is retired, this is possible). He disallowed panties over the week and kept me in the bedroom (except to cook, and do whatever I needed to do (same for him). I was pampered he ran a bath, shaved my legs. and even my goody (for both our pleasure). I have been cooked for, babied, romanced, been sexually driven to the edge so close I thought I was losing myself.

Of those 8-15 hours per day of playing I was denied orgasm until he was ready to finish himself for the night/morning. Jim is unique in that foreplay is what he loves the most. He loves to ready my body and edge me until I am begging for release. So, as each day began and we consumed enough coffee to become human, or we finished what had to do to maintain our home and life, we would begin to play.

Oh yes, it does.

I was then encouraged to test my limits. Meaning, I was asked to reconsider my hard limits with sex. At first I was nervous, but then I let myself go, on the first night of play. That was all it took, well that and a REALLY and I mean REALLY good orgasm. Jim edged me so close I felt as though I was going to pass out.

I managed to make it a whole week without a discipline spanking. But, I sure enjoyed a ton of play spankings. In my home, play spankings are intense and often harder then punishment. This is not because we are backwards, it is because my body sees discipline as a time of punishment (or whatever one wants to call it). If it is a time of discipline I will whimper and wait for it to be over. However, when it comes to "play time" my pain tolerance is very high. I know many of you are the same, and it makes it nice knowing I can be understood.

I return to blog land thoroughly content from spanking, flogging, playing, and a week of exploring myself. thanks to a simple question posed by Tori at Pain's Pleasure you spurred a great week for me!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Perfect Imperfection

Changes are part of life. Without them, life would be boring. I see so many in blog land and some online DD groups discuss the dry spells we all experience at some point. Some wives discuss how to help the situation, while others throw out the ‘maybe we will stop ttwd because hoh is not on the ball enough’. I am always perplexed why stopping it, is easier than sitting down and have a real talk with their hoh. Why is it easier to turn our backs on the one we promised to love in sickness and in health, when things in ttwd slump?

Other times I see DD wives that are envious of some other wives that have the perfect mix of independence and submission. Perhaps one wife has a hoh that is a perfect dom that never makes a mistake, is never annoying, and makes his wife drop to her knees in the most erotic orgasm she has ever had. (Stop laughing, we all read the blogs where everything is so PERFECT).

Yet, it is a false view. We do not think that at the time though. So we take that little picture drawn so lovingly online and compare our lives, husbands, and lifestyle to our own. Of course, ours is never going to look like that. Do you know why?

Because it is the edited, rewritten version of a life, you are allowed to see. It is without the flaws each one of us carries within our minds and souls. Therefore, we are drawn to that perfection. We crave it, and we crave the perfect hoh with perfect domination. Then we begin to think, (oh this can be dangerous). We begin to ask ourselves why our own hoh cannot be like so and so’s hoh. Our vision of the man we promised devotion to begins to look a little tarnished, perhaps his annoying habits were cute at first, or his sensitivity is a bit too much, or he is just not on the ball with ttwd.

Wait a minute, weren’t we happy with our hoh before we started comparing him to the edited version of events in another dd marriage? Did we not go to him and ask for this lifestyle? Did he not agree to adapt to our needs and try his best? Then why start comparing one hoh to another hoh based on the edited, adapted, retelling of events in another marriage?

Happiness starts at home. So remember you do more harm to your own marriage when you demand ttwd be perfect. Our own lives are full of stress, annoyances, and perfect imperfection. We all handle trying times differently. So when things aren't going as you would like, remember you chose him to walk in the journey with you, not someone else’s edited online version of a husband.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Are you saying you wanna spank me?

This weekend has been hectic and I am running behind on my blog. By chance I saw this funny clip of a spanking scene between Sheldon and Amy today, and thought my fellow spankee's would like it, as much as I did. 

Have a great weekend!