Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little Talks

The little talks we have with one another (as a married couple), can be very telling. Sometimes the talks are plain and boring and full of normal stuff like "Did you remember to call so-and-so?". Some are hot like when he says in no uncertain terms to remove my panties so that he can play when he feels like it, throughout the day. Sometimes, we talk about the boring everyday things that happen and I enjoy it, but what really I like is the talk that happens in the bedroom. The things we say to each other that no other person should hear.

It is through these talks that I have become comfortable with who I am and what I like. Yes, some of it is as far from vanilla as possible. Vanilla has its place, like back when I was in my twenties and trying to figure myself out (God I hated that). But, now I want the real stuff, I want the things that we think to ourselves during sex.

Recently, we have a new rule in place. It is a simple one. If, you think it during sex, you say it. At first, I was a little apprehensive and worried about what J would think. Except, something amazing happened. I let go, he let go, and we have not been the same since. We like the same things, we crave the same things, and it is hot as hell when I look in his eyes as he is pleasuring me and I KNOW what he is thinking. My tummy stirs and it creeps lower and lower until am begging him for release. Only he is like me, and wants to make it last as long as possible. I have learned the technique of multiple orgasms through the guidance of his expertly moving fingers.

My body knows when to whine and bring him to the edge. It is as though my body is possessed by some sex slave that responds only to his touch and eyes dragging me to this newer intoxicating place we go during love making.

Our little talks our telling me, I should have let go sooner. I should have let myself explore the darker parts of myself with him years before. I think I have taken a path I will never let go of, nor will I ever regret.

Be you, be happy. Don't let society, family, friends convince you to ignore what is already within you.

*Side note*
I have not been as graphic as I am naturally inclined to be on my blog, so if the more x-rated version of ttwd is what you want, you may not like what I may post in the future. If, however, you are not offended by intimate details, buckle in and enjoy the ride!

If, you do not like rock, don't listen to this, it might be a little much for ya *wink*


  1. Wiw, this is awesome! Sounds like a great rule! :)


  2. 'I can't deny' it sounds great and liberating!
    I'm very happy for you!

  3. It's amazing how ttwd can change every aspect of our relationship!

  4. Great post! TBG and I were just talking yesterday about how "our thing" is just that - ours. And we can do what we want with it. We have found of late that submission in the bedroom has become a bigger deal and we've begun talking and doing more things. It's amazing what that does for your relationship.