Friday, December 18, 2015

Life Throws a Few Punches

Wow, it has been a long time since I have been able to blog!

Life took a strange path and all of our plans went in a direction I was not prepared for. We ended up not getting the house and had to stay in the rental we have been living in for the last 10 years. Jim got sick and started displaying Alzheimer's and I got sicker with my MS (more brain lesions). I was scared for my hubby and terrified I was losing him to a horrible disease. It took a while for us to figure out was wrong. But, the floor in one of my spare bedrooms collapsed and exposed a massive amount of black mold and other molds. My home was under siege. My basement was holding 3,000 gallons of water (which the mold loved). Soon we could not breath and both had trouble thinking.

I immediately contacted my landlady. She bought a sump pump (only after I shamed her on Facebook). We went to the doctor, had lots of tests done. It turned out what we thought was Alzheimer's, was in fact prolonged black mold exposure. I asked the landlord to fix the issue, she did nothing other than to tell me to charge the materials for the floor and fix it myself. We could not, as we were getting sicker and sicker. Jim had his oxygen levels drop with any movement below 90%. I had, had enough. So, I called the city building inspector. Within 10 minutes my home was deemed "not safe for human habitation". The city attorney stepped in and is currently on the case.

I lost almost every thing we owned, The mold took it all. I worked so hard to accumulate my furniture, kept a spotless home, but the mold spores were too much. We walked away with only what could fit in the back of our pick-up and drove to the northwestern part of the country to be near my family (this was a MAJOR mistake).

Remember when I explained my relationship with my mother? Well, when I got here, it got so much worse. My mother suddenly ended up in the hospital, I called and spoke to her doctor, he said it was over-medication of pain killers. They did CT Scans, found nothing wrong other than mother seems to have developed a problem with prescription painkillers (which no doctor had been giving her, instead she convinced my extended family to send her oxy's, Valium, and other narcotic's, each month).

But, because I was here, she twisted the entire story from the truth to "I have a blood clot on my brain" and then, "I have an aneurysm", (she still did not know the doctor was talking to me). Once she figured it out, she signed papers to stop the release of information to my brother and I.

But, as my mother has fried her brain with all of the drugs she continued with the lies only now they are a little bit more elaborate. She got mad at my brother and I because we refused to go to the hospital and be at her beck and call (we have been through this countless times, even a few fake suicide attempts like, calling the whole family and telling them I drove her to swallow a bottle of pills (which turned out to be a total of six Tylenol PM's). Do you see a pattern yet? Anyway, once my brother started asking about the details, she said "I have received a blessing from Jesus, and he took my brain clot and cured it, its a miracle".

She also had my family call my brother and berate him over not dropping every thing and standing by her 'death bed'. He was called a "son of a bitch", told they would fly up and "beat his ass" (they know better than to pull that shit with me, because I would welcome such a visit to give an education in ass kicking).

I still cannot believe the level of crazy in my mother. I have ended all contact and will never speak to her again. Because all of this, is because I moved back to my home state (I wish I hadn't).

Right now we are trying to get through the holidays and trying to make it financially, as best as we can. Jim is doing much better with every thing except his breathing. The is a tiny bit of improvement but, the doctor said it could take many months to a year for recovery. We will both have long term damage that is unknown at this time. We will be taking our landlord to court and hopefully she will not be able to hurt another family. I made sure to report her other homes which will be condemned as well, since I took pictures and video of it all. Right before I moved out, I found out from one of my neighbors, that the previous renters (10 years ago), moved out due to "the black mold making her kids sick". She (the landlord) knew about this issue before we ever moved in!

At the beginning of the year, we will be moving again to my best friend's house, so that I can get away from my mother and all of the drama. It doesn't help that where I am currently staying is only 1 damn block from my mother's house, (you have no idea, how much this bothers me).

I look back over the last few month and cannot believe how my life has been turned upside-down. I have cried, gotten angry, and been in disbelief. I may not be able to control the issue of the black mold but, I sure as hell can move far away from my mother.

TTWD is still there but, on pause until Jim feels better. I hope he hurries, because I need a release from all of the stress and ttwd is the only way I can get it. However, living with people may cause us to be more inventive as I do not want to explain ttwd to anyone.

Anyway, I thought I would update all of you and let you know we are okay.